How can we expect women to not hope to be rescued by a man, to not want a knight in shining armor to protect her? How can we expect the Divine feminine to have any place in this world when day and night we pray to a “Man God” the “father in heaven”? We must lay god to rest in his current form. We must go beyond gender identification and look to the cosmic God all encompassing, all powerful; powerful enough to put the power of choice in our hands, powerful enough to not dictate that one gender is better than the other and then claim to be that gender, because who claims to be better than others but the weak of mind and heart? The ones bravest of us all are the ones who walk with those in need and with those who claim to be powerful, not as superiors and better than but as equals. Only the weak look down on others. RIP GOD!

The god of separation is also the god of oppression. The god of separation is also the god who instigates wars, because if one is better than the other, gender, race, color or specie then one who is “better” has a right to exert pressure, to oppress and to manipulate. No wonder Christian say they are better than Muslims, whites say they are better than the colored, men say they are better than women, homo sapiens (humans) say they are better than all other creation. We must lay god to rest in his current form so peace can prevail. RIP GOD

We need a revolution; the time for slow evolution is no more. We must rise; hand in hand, whites and colored, men and women, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews and all others. Let us get our shovels out, let us put on our work boots. Let us mourn together at the funeral of the god that has served us so far, but fails us now. Let us show our reverence for what has come to pass and release it to the cosmos. Let us then kneel on the ground, head down, tears in our eyes and prayers on our lips. Let us say mantras, incantations, affirmations, prayers. Let us use all our power, all our might all our hope. Let us resurrect the real God, the God of love, God of harmony, God of peace, God of unity and the God of joy. This true Cosmic God has been in exile for too long, discarded and forgotten. It is now time for Cosmic God to resurrect, the God of all Gods, the God that is all genders, all colors, all religions and all species, the God of all Gods!


Coaching With The Angels

What Would You Do To Be Happy Inside and Out? The Angels and Ascended Masters are totally committed to your happiness, are you?   Ever since I began inviting Angels and Ascended Masters to help me in my coaching and in my personal life, they have become more and more present. Their messages always revolve [...]

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Angelic Message For The New Year 2014

The Angels are here to tell you that your worth has already been determined in the heaven long before you were born, and you got five stars out of five. Your love, your purpose, your presence and your heart is important for the overall plan for this planet.

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The Spirit Of Christmas Through The Eyes Of A Non-Christian Immigrant

The Spirit Of Christmas Through The Eyes Of A Non-Christian Immigrant Shahina Lakhani   How do I feel about Christmas? As someone who was not born or raised a Christian, this question has been with me for a long time. No, I have not converted and I do not intend to convert. That is not [...]

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Your Heart Cries Because…

Your Heart Cries Because… Poem By Shahina Lakhani   You came to me as a small speck of brilliance   So I hid you in my soft, dark nurturing womb   I nurtured you with love so you could grow stronger   Minute to minute, day to day you kept changing    Every moment every [...]

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Why Is My Heart Crying?

Why Is My Heart Crying? Poem By Shahina Lakhani   Surfing the wind I touch the moon and the stars   Cowering in fear I sink to the bottom   I have been in the womb of darkness for centuries   The thought of breaking open the shell makes my heart pound in fear   [...]

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A New Dream

A New Dream Poem By Shahina Lakhani   I  am dreaming a new dream   Of love, total connection and complete surrender   The thick ice of anxiety, separation and pain   Slowly melting away from my heart, from my soul   Giving way to a fertile land of infinite opportunity   Of boundless love [...]

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Uninsured And Unaware of Supreme Court Case Against Health Law

 Uninsured And Unaware of Supreme Court Case Against Health Law By Alec MacGillis SEWANEE, Tenn. – As Robin Layman, a mother of two who has major health troubles but no insurance, arrived at a free clinic here, she had a big personal stake in the Supreme Court's imminent decision on the new national health care [...]

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    Hope Poem By Shahina Lakhani   Tonight is the darkest   Dawn must be near   So close to me that   I constantly have to struggle   To see the hints of the shimmering light   Trying to breakthrough   From behind the dark clouds   Although the clouds look like   [...]

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Beyond The Pain

Beyond The Pain Poem By Shahina Lakhani   I prayed for a man to be my friend my protector   Instead you gave me solitude and tenacity   The solitude was for me to see   All that I have refused to see   All my life I have turned a blind eye   To [...]

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