Intuitive Angel Card Readings

Shahina is a Certified Angel Card Reader trained directly by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine 

Shahina has extensive experience in life transitions, end of life transition and personal empowerment. She specializes in giving readings in these areas. The readings are designed to look at the issues at hand and ask for guidance. This way instead of feeling like you are at the mercy of the changing tide you can proactively move forward and harness the power of the waves of transition and change.

Clarity, Insight, Comfort and Direction During Uncertain Times:

These readings are designed to help you find clarity and insight. They also help you to find comfort in getting the guidance you need and empower you to move forward in the direction of your dreams and purpose.

Serious Illness and/or During End of Life Transition:

These readings and services are designed to improve the quality of life of the sick, dying and their loved one.

The focus is on

1. Coming together

2. Helping to bring closure to all involved. As a result the spirit is free to do its healing work whether it is to heal the body and continue life on this earth or to say goodbye to the physical plain with ease and grace at the right time.

3. Creating an environment of inner peace, peace among loved ones (children, siblings, parents, spouse/lovers/partners) spiritual detanglement and letting go. This frees up spiritual energy so it can focus on healing and/or moving on.


Life Transition And Personal Empowerment Reading:

These readings are designed for people experiencing changing circumstances and who want to harness the power this change to propel their life forward.

Human beings often unconsciously resist change. As a result we end up short changing ourselves by  blocking the path way to transformation that awaits us through those changes. 

The focus is on

1. Understanding the power of the changing tide as it relates to your personal situation

2. Receiving guidance on appropriate course of action during the times of change.

3. Power of choice and consequences of choice during the changing time.

4. How to move from feeling helpless to being empowered during the changing times.


Inner Peace And World Peace:

If you consider yourself a pilgrim of peace and being called to bring in peace in personal and social situations this reading is for you.

The focus is on

1. What is your heart's cry for peace about

2. How to create peace in personal life

3. How to be an ambassador of peace in your own way

4. Authenticity and peace


$15 for 15 minutes